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Christina Adams

Digital accessibility design and development specialist

Christina is a certified Web Accessibility Specialist through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals who has extensive knowledge of accessibility coding practices and methodologies. She provides consulting and educational services to guide teams in their journey to make more inclusive software. Together we can transform the digital world into an impactful, inclusive experience.

Liz Davis

Senior User Experience Designer

Liz Davis, a Sr User Experience Designer at Bounteous in Chicago. She has a Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). She is a 2018 Leadership Fellow, and current member of Disability Lead. As a lifelong wheelchair, she is passionate about for inclusion of the Disability community in technology both through her professional work and speaking engagements. Her talks focus on the importance of accessibility in technology, and why the disability community needs more representation in tech.

Denis Boudreau

Founder & Chief Inclusion Officer
Inklusiv Communication

Denis Boudreau is a consultant, trainer, coach, and speaker specialized in helping organizations create truly inclusive digital experiences for everyone, including people marginalized by the use of technology due to disabilities, ageing, or other circumstances. His mission is to empower people to truly connect with organizations, their brands, and the messages they convey. Denis works with leaders who want to develop inclusive communication skills online or from the stage, for themselves or for their teams. He helps organizations communicate more inclusively with their audiences, by removing the barriers that can get in the way of up to 40% of the population struggling with our use of technology – including those who have disabilities or are simply getting older.

Glenda Sims

Chief Information Accessibility Officer

Glenda Sims (goodwitch of a11y) is the Chief Information Accessibility Officer at Deque, where she shares her expertise and passion for the open web with .gov, .edu, .org, and .com. She co-founded axe-con, the world's largest digital accessibility conference, and served as lead judge for AIR (Accessibility Internet Rally). She spent 10+ years as a senior developer at University of Texas with her mentor/hero, Dr. John Slatin. She co-authored A11Y Wars: The Accessibility Interpretation Problem with Wilco Fiers. She is on the IAAP Global Leadership Council and the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group at the W3C.

Angela Hooker

Sr. Accessibility Program Manager

Angela M. Hooker is an accessibility consultant and program creator who develops centers of experience and excellence for digital accessibility inclusion programs. She's brought her web management, development, accessibility, and editorial and content management expertise to the private sector and government for over 20 years. In addition to accessibility and universal design, Angela advocates for web standards and plain language. While mentoring individuals on inclusive principles, she writes articles and trains digital media teams on accessibility, and speaks on accessibility, web standards, user experience, and plain language.

Léonie Watson


Léonie is Director of TetraLogical; a member of the W3C Board of Directors, and co-Chair of the W3C Web Applications Working Group. She's also co-organiser of the Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) conference; and co-author of the Inclusive Design Principles and the Do No Harm Guide: Centering accessibility in data visualization.

Carie Fisher

Accessibility Consultant, Instructor, and UX Researcher

Carie Fisher is an experienced author, speaker, trainer, and developer with over 15 years of technical expertise. As a freelance accessibility and UX consultant, she assists both individuals and companies in attaining their digital accessibility objectives. Carie is also a Ph.D. candidate in Human-Computer Interactions at Iowa State University, specializing on XR technology and notably collaborated with Google’s team to create the evergreen accessibility course Learn Accessibility.

Karen Hawkins

Principal of Accessible Design
Level Access

Karen Hawkins is the Principal of Accessible Design at Level Access. She holds an honours Industrial Engineering degree with a specialization in Human Factors, and she is a certified accessibility professional. Karen worked for more than a decade as a user experience designer and director, leading and mentoring multidisciplinary teams in creating world-class user experiences and determining complex omnichannel digital solutions for leading global companies. She is a passionate advocate for digital accessibility, and she spends her time training both colleagues and clients to apply accessible design thinking.

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